Monday, March 02, 2009

Gabe's 1st Birthday

Saturday was Gabriel's 1st birthday. We didn't do anything big. Just a fun family day together. This is the first birthday that Hans has been able to be here for for either of the kids. It was nice to have him home for this. Gabe had a pretty good day even though he's teething like crazy.

I know the cake is really pathetic, but we don't have many dishes left in our house because our household goods were shipped already. So, I didn't have the right kind of stuff to make a cool cake. However, even if I did have all my stuff, it probably wouldn't have looked much better to tell the truth.

Eva had fun licking the spatula before the cake. She's also trying to blow out Gabe's candle for him. Isn't she such a big helper? (my eyes are now rolling)

After the yummy cake.


Jess and Jen said...

I love his great big smile! What a cute kid. I'm so glad that Hans could be there! Big sisters are so helpful...Leah really wanted to help Lauren open all of her presents! --Jen

Seth and Natalie said...

finally a post I can understand! (sorry Hans, I'm a stay at home idahoan mother, my comprehension is limited:) I think Gabe's cake is great! It was just a year ago that I started blogging, right before your little guy was born. Time has just flown by!

Mark and Renee Davis and Family said...

Happy Birthday Gabe!!!
Ummm, that cake sure looks good. make sure you save me a piece. By the way,thanks for helping us out. we got the car fixed and hopefully we'll get it home with no complications.
Thanks again

Mike and Adrianne said...

I've been waiting for the birthday pictures. Love it. He is so cute and I love Eva's chocolately face.

Lance&Nance said...

Gabe's eyes and smile are too cute! He's such a cool little guy.

Anne and Joe said...

Love the (my eyes are rolling) bit. Ah, that chocolate cake sure looked good to us! Looked like Gabe and Eva thought it was too!

O & O

The Duke said...

Does Gabe smile all the time? It seems like he must. I was very sorry that he was asleep when we called to sing to him.
I hope this year will find him a little healthier. He's a cute little guy.