Monday, March 23, 2009

Paris: day 2

We started our day at the Louvre. We were both still recovering from the flu the day/night before, but I was insistant upon seeing Paris. We ended up walking around for 13 hours this day. I was so exhausted by the end of the day, I was almost in tears. But, it was totally worth it!

After the Louvre, we walked over to Sainte Chapelle and the Notre Dame, which are both on an island in the middle of the Seine River. This was the view along the way.

Notice the Eifel Tower in the background.

The Notre Dame.

Who's the hottie?

After the Notre Dame and Saint Chapelle, we headed over to the pantheon and saw the tomb of Victor Hugo and other famous authors. We then headed over to the Eifel Tower. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

After the Eifel Tower, we went to an architecture museum then up to the Sacre Coure. I didn't get great pictures of that because my camera was being weird. After the Sacre Coure, I had to of course see the famous Moulin Rouge. In this picture I'm standing on an air vent. The coat doesn't give the effect of Marilyn Monroe, but oh well, I tried. Word of advice, if you ever go to Paris, avoid the street that Moulin Rouge is on...definately the redlight district. :)


The Duke said...

These are beautiful photos! I love the coloring and shapes. I love, love, love them. Awesome!
I thought Hans looked a little more gaunt than usual in these - you can tell he isn't feeling all that great.
I'm so glad you were able to get there before leaving Europe. I hope your last week in Germany is filled with good times and good friends. I'm sure you will be greatly missed.

Papa Doc said...

Boy, Mom is right. Those are beautiful pictures. So did you read the Di Vinci Code? I felt like I was right there when I saw those pictures that Lindedalas was in.

I notice that Hans poses before an entirely different sort of thing. Who is the hotie?

Dad Clark