Sunday, March 29, 2009

We made it to the United States...kicking and screaming on my part

Ok, so I haven't been that happy about the fact that we had to move back to the states. It's been very difficult for me to except. Hans and I are in Philadelphia visiting his parents for a few days before we head to South Carolina. We attended the local ward here today. I found myself being very judgemental and almost snobby. I had to take a step back and re-evaluate why I was being that way about this ward we were just visiting. I was compairing it to my ward in Wiesbaden and that's just not fair to any ward, because there's no way I will ever be in a ward like that again. I know that sounds very negative/pesimistic but it's true.

However, I have decided instead of feeling sorry for myself, I should try very hard to look for the positive in this situation. So, here's a list of things I'm thankful for in my new situation of life:

(not in any particular order)
1. being given the opportunity to even go to germany in the first place was pretty amazing.
2. Wendy's frosties again
3. bigger parking spots
4. 24 hour convienence stores
5. no more old ladies telling me my child must be cold because he doesn't have any socks or shoes on (even though it may be 70 degrees outside, it's still cold for the german babies apparently)
6. target
7. being able to find a place that gives affordable pedicures
8. spending more time with my husband and getting to know him all over again
9. getting to see my sisters this summer! hooray
10. having an actual summer with warm weather so I can take the kids swimming all the time...even if I have to do it without all my girlfriends this summer. :( (sorry, I had to slip that sad thought in there)

So, maybe I'm on the road to recovery. I feel a little broken, but I'll mend and heal. I will always have a special place in my heart for my wonderful friends in Wiesbaden, but I know the Lord will continue to bring me amazing people to touch my life wherever I go.



Jason said...

Moving is always hard. I am glad you had such a good experience in Germany. You will find another ward that is just as good as the one you just left. Maybe not now, but some day you will find a ward that is just as wonderful. There is something good in every ward - sometimes you have to look harder than others - but there is something good none the less.

Be good.

Dave and Tana said...

how no more "eurobo". those folks can really be smelly. oh and not being surrounded by socialists. Thats good too. and we will see eachother as well as east coasters... so its not so so bad. I miss europe too though!

renee said...

I think you have hit your "climax" and now you have no where to go but down from there. I'm just kidding. This will be another fantastic Lindsey adventure with just little bumps along the way. I hear that you will be in good company during your stay in SC. I believe our cousin Tayler will be serving a mission there and you have aunt Liz to bum around with. Mucho Fun!
Have to know... did you get the Flu?

The Duke said...

I remember the day we moved into the Logansport ward - I looked at it the same way you looked at the ward yesterday. I felt a little snobby and mostly saw redneck people. And then I had to step back and look at me and what I was feeling. A quiet voice spoke to me and said, "You will learn to love these people." I'm sure it was the voice of the Lord as a warning but also as a comfort. And you know what? That last night at the Christmas party sitting on Santa's lap while the ward sang, "God Be With You," (while I sobbed my heart out), I didn't think I could ever find a better ward in the whole church. I loved every single person in that room with the deepest sincerity a person could have.
And then we moved into a ward in Spanish Fork that I drug my feet into - and by the time I left I didn't think there could possibly be a better ward. Those women took care of me and filled in the gaps my mother couldn't when Ammon was born. It wasn't the best ward, maybe for some of the kids, but for me it was an emotional and physical salvation.
And now I'm in a ward that is just as good. If you let your heart accept the people and become involved, you will find the same thing. Some wards are better than others but I guarantee you will always find someone that will fill your need for friendship or acceptance. You will find a good leader in every single ward and the Lord will never forsake you.

Seth and Natalie said...

I'm a pessimist, too, because I've been living in Mackay for 4 years and still wish we didn't. Why did we leave Nevada? I love it there, and still can't let go. Now you can make it your life goal to retire to Germany.

Gillian Clark said...

yay! I am glad you are here. p.s. since I dont have a number to get a hold of you, kevin and I are getting married July 31st. Its a friday. I hope you can come!!!!!

lrbodine said...

I really didn't like my current ward at first! Everyone raved about it and I had been offended by some things and didn't get it. But now after 4 years, I really do love this ward! Even with the quirks and I will be sad to leave in a year or two. I realize now that I need to keep an open mind and there are friendships to be had from church membership around the world - no matter the ward!

Ryan and Alisha Johnson Family said...

ok it has totaly hit me that you are gone! I need to make a happy list also, but I don't think I can right now. Sure love and miss you.

Lokodi said...

Thank you all for your comments. Hopefully I will be able to remember the advice and stories you shared with me to help me when I attend my new ward in SC. I appriciate all of you.

BTW, it hit me too Alisha. I wanted to pick up the phone this morning and call you, but realized I'm not there. I love you girl.
And Renee, no need to worry. I didn't get the Flu. :)))


Shumway's in Germany said...

I am glad you made it safe back to the states. You made me jealous with your list of positives.

Happy Birthday! I will always remember you were born on April 1st!

Michelle said...

I always dread the first few weeks in a new ward. It seems like we've moved 20 times, but it's only been 8. However in that time (in Iowa City) the ward has split several times so we have been in so many new wards in addition to the 8 times moving. I am usually grumpy at first and don't want to make new friends. However this last time I just decided that no matter what I would be happy with our ward and the first fast Sunday that we were in the new ward, I just got up and bore my testimony even though I felt like and outsider and with doing that I felt the love the Lord so strongly that moving in became easier. I wish you luck and hope to see you this summer now that you are in the states. I know we have planned to go to Ohio this summer so hopefully we will see your family, Chelsey's family and Adrianne's family in addition to my own family.

Team Clark said...

Welcome back, Lindsey. We're excited to have you in the same country again.
I hope you're feeling a little better since your post and that you're enjoying this new change in your life.
And have a happy birthday!
Love, Amy

Lil Miss Rae Rae said...

Hope you are acclimating nicely now.. soo jealous of you for being in the States! .. especially knowing that you get to drive to a Target whenever you want :)

I left a little "award" over on my side of the blogosphere, and BTW I added you to my super sweet blog roll!!

SherRon said...

Lindsey I found you from Alisha's blog. Sounds like you have been having an adventure. You always said you wanted to see the world and travel. Germany sounds wonderful. drop me an email sometime and check out our blog